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Show love and care for animals

Animals as pets

This website blog is all about my experience with them,

how i house them and feed them. 

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About Our Shelter

This is Dave. i am 68 years old man and i want to show the

world that if you love and care about animals you will find

the world more beautiful. through this blog website i want to show the world about my experience with animals, how i

house them,feed them etc. i personally have Tarantulas,Scorpions,Snakes, and more.


Featured Pets


Domestic Short Hair







pets food

What We Do

REscue animals

provide shelter

feed them

love them as one of us

Donate & Saves a Life

If you like my  animals as a pets blog and you can to contribute you can send a donation for the animals to us a token of love. with this more animals will get love and care



If you love animals and want to pet one for yourself. you can contact with me and i will get a animal as a pet for you.